October 2019

The October 2019 Family Update is coming a little early this month. Since next week is Halloween, I left the last post of the month for costumes and decorations that we’re doing for Halloween. I have tackled making most of Maverick’s costume … it’s an obsession of his as of late, so I really hope it works out! Stay tuned next Wednesday for pictures.

Black Lab Cross Staring at Tea


This month brought the rain, in true fall fashion. We celebrated a quiet Thanksgiving with a small dinner, just the four of us. All four of us stayed in jammies or sweat pants for most of the day, only getting dressed (ahem, putting on a bra) to go grab the Apple Pie I ordered from Gabi & Jules. There were movies and cuddles and it honestly could not have been more perfect.

One of our October traditions is to visit a pumpkin patch together, but with my month end quite busy (see below), we only have one small window of time to go this Sunday. Here’s to hoping we can make it work!

Brad and I are fans of escape rooms and we had a date night over the long weekend where we finally beat one! It was the Underwater Adventure at Countdown Escape Rooms in Coqutilam. We may have been granted an extra five minutes, but we finally did it!

Table Set for Thanksgiving Dinner for Family of Four

Thanksgiving Dinner for Four

Garlicky Greens and Roasted Maple Parsnips and Carrots (Fraiche Food, Full Hearts), Crispy Smashed Potatoes (Oh She Glows Every Day) and Hasselback Turkey Breast



As mentioned, most of my excitement is coming in the next two weekends.

First, this weekend, I am attending the Surrey International Writer’s Conference. This will be my third writer’s conference this year, and the second full-conference. I am booked solid Friday, Saturday and Sunday and am so excited to learn. The workshops I’ve pre-selected include “The Character Arc: Creating Memorable Characters”; “Where the Hell is Your Conflict?”;  and “So You Wanna Write a Series …”

I was happy when the crisp weather and changing leaves of Fall officially arrived. It gives me an excuse to bundle up in cozy sweaters, scarves and a warm blanket whenever I get the chance. I put up my DIY Fall Wreath on the front door right at the beginning of October. You can also check out my This or That Fall Edition that I posted last week on the blog.

The weekend after next is technically November, but is busy! I’ll be away for the entire weekend, leaving Brad on dad duty alone. Stay tuned for the scoop as to where I’m going. I’m SO excited for a weekend away just for me!

Bearded Man and Woman with Black Glasses Cheek to Cheek

Date Night!


Completed Harry Potter Puzzle on Table

Brad and I started this puzzle in 2017 and just finished the other night ... it was fricking HARD.


Book and Drink on Table at Restaurant

Treated myself to lunch alone one day when the power went out at home.



Brad is stepping up his dad duty these days! We found out that Archer has a pro-d day on the same day as the writer’s conference that I booked back in June. He took the day off to spend with Archer and take over my duties for pick up and drop offs for Maverick and all of the fun stuff in between. I’m excited for them (and am definitely going to stock the fridge with beer for Brad).

I told him last night that I was really lucky to have him. He looked at me like I was crazy, but it’s true. And I think I can tell him how grateful I am for him more often than I do. He is a great partner and no matter what we are going through, we get through it together.


Archer has been just as thrilled to go to kindergarten every morning as he was on his first day. I’m so proud of his attitude towards school, though his attitude in general could use a bit of a tweak, to be honest. We’ve been struggling … between the talking back, incessantly scaring his brother and just plain old not listening, I feel like a broken record around here!

Everything is just a phase, right? Here’s to hoping this isn’t a long one.


Over the last couple of weeks, Maverick’s speaking abilities have multiplied in full force! He’s gone from making grunting noises that kind of sound like words to speaking in sentences (“I do good mama” being his first full sentence that I heard. My heart is melting, but I’m fine. I’m fine.) The increase in communication does make things easier, seeing that we can understand his needs a bit better. But with these speaking abilities comes a flurry of independence that I was not quite prepared for. I remember Archer exerting his independence, but Maverick would literally rather walk face-forward down the stairs and fall than get a hand sometimes. I swear, it’s only going to be a matter of time before our first trip to the hospital with this kid.

Child in Rain Suit Petting Bunny

Maverick slowed down long enough for me to take a picture of him petting a bunny at the pumpkin patch.

Here we are, one step closer to the holidays. The planning has certainly begun! Between the adults and kids Christmas parties for Brad’s work and a couple of surprises for the kids that we had to buy tickets for, November and December are filling up fast. There are only two more monthly family updates left in this year … this decade, actually. How’s that for crazy?

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!

See you soon,


PS: I want to leave this here. For those that have suffered or will ... you are not alone.

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

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