Easthill, Port Moody, in the Fall

Ready for a This or That? Fall Edition?

I wanted to lighten things up a little after Wednesday’s post. What better way to embrace all of the things there are to love (and not love) in this beautiful season we call fall? I will provide the blank templates (and associated links) at the bottom of this post, in case you want to play, too!

First up, Fall Edition (care of @homebyhiliary). Disclosure: I don’t do scary anything. So in true Anya/Rebel fashion, I didn’t choose between the Scary Movie and Haunted House. I go with safety and a regular heart rate thankyouverymuch.

This or That Fall Edition with Anya's Answers

Next, we have my perfect Autumn Day (care of Pinterest). I pretended that I would be able to secure free childcare last minute and this would be my tomorrow plans (living in a dream world, ha). And, because of who I am, I just have to add *Leggings. Typos happen to everyone! (Please let me know if you ever find any in my writing!)

My Perfect Autumn Day This or That with Anya's Answers

And, finally, just because I found this template and am a pretty big Harry Potter nerd, I leave you with this (courtesy of @kelseyinlondon). I also did not answer the Professor Dumbledore Lives or Dobby Lives because obviously it sucks when our beloved characters die, but for the same reasons why I wouldn't choose the Time-Turner over the Invisibility Cloak, you just can't mess with history. (Nerding over.)

Harry Potter This or That with Anya's Answers

Is there anything else you’d like to know about me? I had a lot of fun playing with these This or That templates, see below for the links to each one!

Fall-ing hard,


Click on the pictures to follow the link to the pages where I got each template (for Instagram, search the Highlights for Templates):

This or That Fall Edition Template My Perfect Autumn Day This or That Template Harry Potter This or That Template

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