Rabac, Croatia (2015)

Welcome! And Bienvenido!

Kidding! I don’t speak any other languages. Not fluently, anyways. I can get by in French, know a few greetings in Croatian and can definitely order a drink in Spanish. But that’s about it.

If you have a look at my “About Me” page, you’ll see that I love to travel. I have always wanted to be able to converse in another language, I just haven’t made the time to learn one yet. I’m a young 34; there’s still plenty of time! I have been to countries where all three of the above languages are natively spoken and long to take my kids back one day.

Baby Wearing Croatia Soccer Jersey Waving at View of Ocean

Rabac, Croatia (2015)

I was looking at pictures from our adventures over the years when my oldest son, Archer, snuggled in next to me to see what I was doing. I showed him pictures of our trip to Croatia when he was only 10 months old. He loved seeing “baby Archer” in all of the places we visited on the trip we took with my parents to see my dad’s home country. Even when I moved on to pictures from my trips with my now husband, Brad, waaaaay before Archer’s time, he asked whether that was Croatia. When I said no, he asked whether we could go there one day. Why, yes, sweet boy, I want you to explore all of the places in all of the world. Better yet, I want to take you there. To Ireland, France and Greece. And to countries that we can explore together for the first time, across all of the oceans in all of the places.

Child Posing Beside Dreams Los Cabos Sign

Los Cabos, Mexico (2018)

Our second born son, Maverick, is the baby of our family. Since he was born just over a year ago, we have taken one out of country flight together as a family of four. We took the kids to Mexico, where we spent a week in Los Cabos. Brad and I hold Mexico very dear to our hearts (see my memoir, when it comes out!) and I cannot wait to go back there with the whole family one day.

You can scour the internet and ask all of the people you know what their best tips are for travelling with babies, but I think the most valuable thing I have learned while travelling with kids is to follow your instincts. You know best whether your baby would do better with the stroller while away from home or if they will only sleep in the baby carrier and cry in the stroller so there’s no need to pack it with you (ahem, Maverick).

Your mom or dad instinct will likely always tell you to pack snacks, so if you’re taking a four-hour flight with two kids? Pack enough snacks to last eight hours and feed twice the amount of children you have and you’ll be good to go!

View of NYC from Boat

New York City, New York (2017)

Hitting the Pavement in the Big City

The things that I was most happy I packed for our adventure around NYC were my running shoes, a leather backpack purse (yes, I looked like I jumped out of 1999) and my camera! #tourist 

Man and Son in Snow in front of Olympic Rings in Whistler Village

Whistler, BC (2017)

Layers, Layers, Layers

This type of travel is not high on my list of priorities, though I do love a good winter accessory. Scarves to cozy up in! Winter coats for comfy puffiness! Mittens to keep those fingers warm! Toques to cover up your bed head! Check, check, check!

View of Beach from above in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (2012)

The Beach is Calling!

I love going somewhere warm (I'm not a naturally warm individual, in case you hadn't guessed!). I'm happiest when I can throw on a nice light dress and a pair of flip flops. It's all just so easy to dress (and pack!) for the warm weather.

Linq Pool Las Vegas

The Linq Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada (2016)

Still wondering what to pack? I find it easiest to think through my day and then write a list of all of the things I need as the day progresses.

Here’s an example of what a day would look like on a sunny vacation:

Wake Up

Task: Crawl out of bed at whatever (hopefully late) time the baby wakes up! Change the baby's diaper and feed the baby and the toddler (avoid the chance of getting hangry at all costs!).

To Pack:

  • Diaper
  • Wipes
  • Bum cream
  • Bottle & formula (if using)
  • Individual sippy cups/water bottles
  • Dry cereal or dried fruit (and other snacks)
Get Dressed for the Day

Task: Get everyone dressed for the day.

To Pack:

  • Sunscreen
  • UV/rash guard shirt and shorts or swimsuit
  • Adult swimwear, shorts, tshirts, swimsuit cover up
  • Casual Wear – underwear, shorts, shirts, dresses, socks, sandals, running shoes
Go for Breakfast and Out for the Day

Task: Get everyone ready to leave the room for the day with the intention of not having to return til nap time!

To Pack:

  • Swim safety (puddle jumper, life vest, arm floaties)
  • Towels (hopefully provided by the hotel)
  • Toys (sand or blow up water toys)
  • Sunscreen, aloe vera gel, chap stick with SPF
  • Book or magazine (Hahahahaha as if there’ll be time for that. A girl can dream!)
  • Swimwear (if not wearing) and a change of clothes.
  • Sunglasses and hats
  • Beach bag
  • Snacks
  • Camera (if not using phone)
Go Out for a Nice Dinner

Task: Get everyone dressed up for a nice dinner out!

To Pack:

  • Soap/shampoo/conditioner, face wash, moisturizer, toner, makeup, hair products, deodorant, hair brush/comb, etc.
  • Toothbrush and paste
  • Dress up outfit including nice shoes
  • Smaller bag/purse
Down Time

Task: Make sure there's something to do during nap times and after the kids go to bed.

To Pack:

  • Toys for in the room
  • Games, including a deck of cards and pad of paper
  • Tablet and charger
  • Books for adults and kids
  • Music player and headphones
  • Bluetooth speaker
Bed Time

Task: Tuck everyone in tight with the same routines as home.

To Pack:

  • Jammies for all
  • Nighttime diaper
  • Crib sheet and special pillow or pillow case
  • Stuffies or lovies for comfort for the kids
  • Sound machine and night light
Couple with Bikes in Field on Aran Islands, Ireland

Inishmore, Aran Islands, Ireland (2010)

Think through every other day while you will be away, especially travel days, and add the items you think you’ll need to the list. I’m in favour of travelling with as few of the bulkier items as possible, so we used a baby carrier in Mexico and did not bring a stroller or car seat. We just made sure the resort we were staying at provided infant cribs for night time and naps.

Don’t forget to take your partner into account either. If they’re anything like mine, they make a great pack mule.

I value my sense of adventure and am happy to have found it in my partner. I am even more thrilled to see that Archer has it, too, and if Maverick’s affinity for diving head-first off of the couch/bed/high chair is any indication of what his personality will be like, I know we’ve added another adventurist to the Wyers clan.

Search the World for your Adventure,


As long as you remember your passports and everyone travelling with you, you can buy the rest when you get there (or go without!).

~ Anya

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