I am and always have been a crafty person. For years in my early adulthood, I spent hours scrapbooking. I took great pleasure in printing my memories and making them look beautiful on the page. Fastforward a few years and I have finally admitted to myself and accepted that I just don’t have the time for traditional scrapbooking.

I have, however, kept my love of making cards. When time doesn’t permit me to make cards for my loved ones on special occasions, it is a pain-staking process for me to visit the card aisle and pick out a pre-made card. I just find there’s so much bullshit. Here is how much I love you and how much you deserve and blah blah blah. I’m exhausted just thinking about picking out a card. I like things to be straightforward and I’d much rather put the effort into crafting a card specifically for someone (in today’s case, my auntie) instead of stressing myself out over choosing a store-bought card with someone else’s message. (*Nothing against other people giving these cards or receiving them, it’s just more my style to make cards myself!)

My auntie has a big birthday coming up so I thought I would take you along with me in the process of making her card today!

I tend to choose simplicity when crafting cards. Sometimes I’ll choose a pretty pattern that will stand out, but today I went with some colour in accents set on some neutral-coloured backgrounds.

Scrapbooking Materials Before Making Birthday Card

I chose this deep red, almost plum-coloured ribbon and flower accented with some pale yellow.

I don't honestly plan out how I'm going to design a card before I start; I usually let the materials speak to me and grab what I think will work along the way! But in the spirit of blogging about making a card and being organized along the way without having to take 100 pictures, I tried to pre-plan my card and chose the embellishments ahead of time!

Scrapbooking Tools and Materials

I should take a moment to admit that I am a bit of a perfectionist, especially when it comes to things that I create. (Okayyyyyyyyy that’s an understatement.) When I make a mistake, I usually try to just roll with it and cover it up! I hand-wrote “Happy Birthday!” on the front of the card, but I messed up part of it. Of course! But never mind that, I just took another piece of the same background paper, re-wrote the message and glued that on top, framing it with my favourite black gel pen. Problem solved! Now the message stands out a little bit while still keeping the neutral theme of the card!

Exterior of Home Made Birthday Card

Rewind for a sec! The flower didn’t work. I ripped it off and just went with a plain white button fastener instead. It took a few tries, but I got the ribbon to stick with some double sided-tape and staples! With some convenient placement of buttons, I covered up some mistakes, glue and the staples. I also added a bit of texture because I had taken off a piece of the double-sided tape and it left a mark. I just dragged the sharp edge of my scissors along different places on the card and made similar markings to my mistake. You’d never know if I didn’t tell you!

The front of the card was still feeling a little bit plain to me, so after I thought about it a little, I decided to trace the edge of the textured paper with my trusty old black pen to help the rest of the card pop.



For the inside of my cards, I usually frame a plain piece of paper over a nice patterned paper, but this time I used some neutral stickers and wrote special phrases on them instead. I’m really happy with the way it turned out!

Interior of Home Made Birthday Card
Logo on Back of Home Made Birthday Card

One special touch that I add to all of my cards is on the back. I made this logo for my work after Brad and I got married and my initials changed. It’s where the inspiration for my website logo came from!

I am proud of how this card turned out, though it is nothing like what I imagined when I set out to make it for my auntie! It never is!

Til the next birthday, anniversary, holiday or event,


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