It only felt fitting for today’s post to centre it around Remembrance Day.

Today we remember those that fought for our country, families that they left behind and the sacrifices made for all who gave us the freedom and privileges that we now have. This 11th day of the 11th month of the year marks the end of the first world war. We wear red poppies and will pause today at 11:00 am for a moment of silence to pay our respects and say thank you to those that have served, and those that found peace.

We have tried our best every year to encourage our kids to take the time to be silent with us—a feat that any parent will tell you is larger than life. Since Archer started school last year, they have helped encourage him to recognize this day and acknowledge those that served. Last year I attended an assembly at the school gym, which, of course, was just not possible this year. Instead, yesterday the kids attended a web-based presentation and wore poppies for the day. To them, right now, it might just be another day off wearing jammies late and watching morning cartoons, but I hope that we’re able to impress the significance of this day and our freedoms on them as they grow.


With the year that we’ve had so far, I thought it was also great timing to make note of a few things that I’m thankful for today on Remembrance Day. I kind of missed the boat on that one on Thanksgiving a few weeks ago.

I always feel better when I get outside for a nice long walk among the trees. Archer and I headed out on Sunday just in the trails near our house. We were only gone for about 40 minutes altogether, but we laughed, we walked and got our heart rates up. It was lovely and refreshing. And makes me thankful that I am able to walk him back and forth to school every day, which is where we saw the leaves on this beautiful tree turn red.

Red Tree Shedding Leaves in Autum


I have been extremely lucky, and very thankful, for the progress that I have been making on my next book. I’m not quite ready to share the topic just yet, though I’m not really sure why because I am SO excited about this next fictional piece of work. And I still cannot believe that I am writing my THIRD book!! The writing process has felt really great, and I’m not sure if that’s because I was prepared with an outline that I created using the Save the Cat Writes a Novel beats, or if it’s just coming more naturally to me given time.

If I had to guess, I’d go with a third option—I am meant to be writing this book right now.


I’ve been doing more plant-based cooking—evidenced here—but to me, being in the kitchen lately has been about a lot more than that. The weekends are for taking time to make more preparation-heavy meals that are different from what we normally eat during the week when I want to have dinner ready quickly. This past Sunday I made a Garden Bolognese from the Fraiche Food Full Hearts cookbook that I rave about. I froze half of the recipe which I will be excited to bring out one day when I forget to prepare anything.

I’ve also been enjoying baking more, muffins and baked oatmeal are on rotation lately, and I’m even starting to learn how to make cakes. I typically make cupcakes for birthdays around here and decided that I’d like to bake cakes instead. Archer and I watch baking competitions together sometimes, so I consider that my inspiration. Though I’ve yet to make more than a two-layer cake … I don’t quite have enough pans or mouths to feed to warrant more.


Pans of Food Making Lentil Shepherd's Pie
Lentil Shepherd's Pie - Fraiche Food Full Hearts

Speaking of baking, I think today I’m going to tackle a double-layer chocolate cake. But maybe I’ll just do nothing instead.

I’m thankful for that Remembrance Day freedom,


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