Stick with me on this one … it might seem crazy.

I think Covid has had an impact on our animals, too.

It has on Eddie, at least. [If you haven’t, check out my post about Eddie here, which includes some adorable pictures of baby Eddie, and baby Archer, too!]

The change started quite early on in our home-stay, back in March. Back when we hardly left the house together at all, I was home with the kids all the time and Brad was doing all of the grocery shopping once every two weeks. He was our dedicated shopper and that meant that I was home with the kids, and we were here with Eddie every day. He came with us on our morning walks, on our garden adventures. Someone was always home with him, and it didn’t take long for it to be very obvious that he had bonded to our presence quite quickly.

Black Lab Cross Sleeping on Couch Pillow

His favourite spot, after the kids go to bed.

When we started venturing out of the house more when the restrictions started to life, and we were gone for stretches of time as a family, he looked so sad when we got home. Happy to see us, but far from his normal crazy little self.

He’s gone through stages of not eating, having an upset tummy—no one needs more details than that … I will forever try to erase the image of what I had to clean up off of the kitchen floor from my brain—and most recently, he has been following me around more than ever.

Now, it could be a variety of things, maybe he ate something he wasn’t supposed to and that upset his tummy, or he’s just getting older. He’s 6, and that likely means that he’s more than halfway through his big-dog life. But our emotions can impact our animals, too, can’t they?

I just feel like I can see some unrest in his movements, the way he follows so close behind my every step and is waiting to place his head gently on my lap whenever I sit down. Yesterday, he didn’t finish his breakfast until I was home from getting groceries after dropping Archer off at school. I think it upset him that I walked Archer and then left the house by myself.

Our Fur Baby

Black Lab Cross Posing Outside
Black Lab Cross on Living Room Floor

Maybe I’m just overreacting? Man, I hope that I’m not projecting. I’ve been dealing with my own overactive thoughts and anxiety so well lately, at least I thought I have been.

Have any of you with pets noticed a difference in their behaviour in these times? Maybe it’s since we’re home more often, but maybe it’s since we’re home more often and have more time to observe and think.

Level with me … am I crazy? Or is all the shit going on in the world affecting your animals, too?


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