Happy Covid Halloween!

This year is looking a little different for celebrations. But I was happy to hear that trick-or-treating wasn’t being called off in our area, as long as social distancing measures are in place. Maverick has been so excited to go trick-or-treating, and even chose his own costume this year! He hasn’t even changed his mind, which is the most surprising part.

I was also surprised in his choice … Gecko from the tv show PJ Masks. He likes the show and everything, but I thought he was going to be more than happy to wear Archer’s old Marshall from Paw Patrol costume since he’s a tad obsessed. But I guess it’s nice for him to have something different/special, since he wears the Marshall costume all the time to play. Both kids have always loved dressing up, so it’s no wonder they’ve been excited about Halloween!

We decorated our house a few weeks ago, much earlier than anticipated—KIDS—and visited the pumpkin patch (see here). We’re basically all set for Halloween. Archer’s school had a really fun day last week for them to visit a school-made pumpkin patch and play some outdoor pumpkin-themed games in lieu of visiting the actual pumpkin patch. It was really well done, and all he can talk about since coming home with his pumpkin is carving a jack-o-lantern, which we plan to do tonight.

We’re planning to stick to our street tomorrow, and only trick-or-treat at our close neighbour’s houses. I bought some small chip bags to hand out for the other kids in a way where they can just come and help themselves. Fingers crossed for no rain! I think it’s going to be a great day.

Our other Covid Halloween plans include putting on costumes and distance-visiting with our neighbourhood friends and watching a movie on Halloween after Maverick goes to bed. He gets too scared at even the previews of the new Addams Family movie, so we’ll cozy up after he’s in bed.

Dog Wearing Mickey Wizard Hat

It's not Halloween if Eddie doesn't get dressed up!

Gecko and the Red Beast Power Ranger

Kids in Halloween Costumes - Gecko and Red Beast Power Ranger
Red Beast Power Ranger Costume
Toddler Posing in Green Gecko Costume

Archer is really into the Power Rangers, so it’s no surprise that he chose to be a Power Ranger for Halloween. Apparently, this is a Beast one? Haha. Honestly, I was kind of hoping for the classic red power ranger, but it’s a cute costume that, most importantly, he’s excited about!

What are your Covid Halloween plans? Have you decorated or planned an amazing costume? I hope that we can all have good, safe celebrations close to home.

Have some Halloween fun!



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