August 2020

It’s time for the August 2020 Family update, which means that summer is almost over. Say whaaaaat!?

We finally got a few stretches of nice weather and were able to bring out our pools—yes, we have two. They inflate. Don’t be jelly. The days have been nice, the nights cool, but beautiful. Time has been flying for us, though I cannot really pinpoint why. How is the year ¾ of the way over? How is my baby going into grade 1 in a couple of weeks?!

Rocky Beach at the Ocean - Barnet Marine Park

Soaking up as much summer as we can. Here, at Barnet Marine Park.


The first thing that comes to mind for the general summary of what is going on for our family is that tomorrow is our Annual Wyers Family Adventure Day (planned by Mom). You can check out last year’s adventure here, and a summary of the first two years here.

I’ll admit, I waited awhile before I actually booked the adventure I have planned for this year. I wanted to plan something Covid-safe and fun for the kids! Maverick is still quite young, but I think I found something at a nice slow pace that we will all enjoy, complete with a picnic lunch and special treat afterwards. I try to plan something that we've never done together, so stay tuned next week to read all about our day!


August for me was Romi-filled. And that makes me very, very happy. It was my turn in my writing group to get some feedback on a piece of writing, and while I wasn’t able to appear for feedback in person—the wifi in Halfmoon Bay was unreliable—I found the process so very helpful. I have been super motivated in editing/rewriting, and our babysitter has been coming a couple of afternoons each week to take care of the kids so I can write. It has been the highlight of my summer. Just kidding—sort of. Our family vacation definitely takes the cake for my favourite summer event, but the writing streak is a close second.

It just feels so good to be getting work done. I went from having four days a week, five hours at a time, to myself in February, to no time alone. Usually I can get some writing done while Maverick naps, but that doesn’t always happen. And while I won’t meet my original deadline of the end of summer for completion of my next draft, I hope that I won’t be too far off. My biggest challenge will be cutting some subplots (and adding some in). Wish me luck!

Something else pretty exciting for me this month was that I received my first ever Jilly Box! For those of you that don’t know, it’s a quarterly subscription box by ex-bachelorette and founder of JH the Brand, Jillian Harris. It’s a lottery system, for those that are not lucky enough to have received a subscription when the boxes were first released, and I am thrilled with every piece I received in my box. I was so happy to treat myself and can’t wait to use the diffuser, long-sleeved shirt and cozy scarf when the cooler weather hits.

Jilly Box Contents (Fall 2020)


Welp, another Brad update, another comment about how much he’s been working. It’s honestly been insane. There’s not too much to say other than I really hope he’s able to take some time off for us to get some time together as well as a few things around the house done. It was a much-needed, quiet break when we got away for this birthday at the start of the month and I can’t wait til we can do it again.

Update: I haven’t seen him in pyjamas in a while. It’s been far too hot. 🙂


Archer Bruce is growing like crazy! He’s been our adventuring with friends around our complex, and is loving playing and watching hockey more than ever. I’m so happy to see him getting himself out with the big kids, though I think he could use a little confidence that the other kids aren’t exactly equipped to help him build his hockey skills. Kids, amiright?

My proudest moments this month have come through Archer. He’s just shaping into such a great kid, which I’ve heard from more than one neighbour. It’s tough at home sometimes—do kids listen, ever?—but knowing he’s a good kid in the outside world makes me so, super proud of the person he is becoming. There have even been glimpses of him and Maverick playing nicely together for longer than thirty seconds. My mama heart is happy.


Maverick has grown up so much lately, again! He is so confident in what he wants, what he doesn’t want and what he loves. He has transitioned to a big boy bed like a boss, with only a few small detours, which are to be expected. Seeing how excited he still gets (okay, it’s only been just over a week) to get himself out of bed when his wake clock turns on in the morning, or when he wakes up after his naps is so awesome. These little people, I tell ya, they’re worth the headaches! But shhhh don’t tell them I said that. 😉

We made the decision last month not to have Maverick return to day care. He doesn’t talk about it as much as he did before, and while I know he misses his little people friends, we made the decision based on what’s best for our family. When things settle down with Covid, we will look into getting him into a pre-school. Until then, it’ll be me and my littlest man when Archer goes back to school.

Child in Paw Patrol Play Tent Reading Paw Patrol Book

Reading Paw Patrol, in a Paw Patrol Tent ... Maverick in My Lap.

The times are changing, and we are doing our best to adapt. Hope you are all doing well adapting to what your lives are throwing at you. And, if you’re not, you’re definitely not alone. I have had my share of rough days, but I try to start every day new and refreshed. The goal is always to yell less.

A girl can dream, right?

Hope you’re doing something awesome to end these last days of summer. That's all for the August 2020 Family Update.

Stay cool, have fun,


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