Confession: I only recently embraced the #boymom life.

Kids are kids. They are what they are meant to be. I call them “my kids” instead of “boys”. They are both, why does what I refer to them as collectively have to reflect their gender*? I didn’t think much about #boymom life … isn’t it the same for parents everywhere, regardless of whether they have sons or daughters?

And then …

Monster Trucks.

More specifically, remote control Monster Trucks.

Archer set his eyes on the Grave Digger Monster Truck as a birthday gift. At that point, we had already ordered his Harry Potter Lego set, so we told him that if he got enough money for his birthday, he could buy the not only expensive but also huge Grave Digger remote control truck.

Between tooth-fairy money, birthday money and whatever he had in his little wallet, Archer had enough to get his Grave Digger after his birthday! When it arrived, I let it be his thing with his dad and brother—it was a great excuse for me to give myself time to write, and to let them have their thing. I am all for this, by the way. I do not have to experience everything with my kids, and want to show them that it’s okay, encouraged even, to have your own interests, apart from other family members. To the extent that I’ve considered whenever it is that we make it to Disneyland, I might let the three of them have a special day at Star Wars Land (hahahahahaha I know enough to know that’s not what it’s called), and take that time for myself.

Okay, okay, back to when I embraced that #boymom life.

This past Saturday, we took the kids up to Archer’s school to play at the playground there. We’ve been staying pretty close to home, bringing them to play at the two playgrounds closest to our house only. But when we were out and about last week, we made our way to the school to play and it was really, really quiet. We were the only ones there! So, given the nice weather on Saturday, we packed up the sunscreen and headed to the school. I rolled my eyes at Brad when he let Archer bring his Grave Digger and loaded up his own—ridiculously expensive—remote control car, too.

I didn’t get it. We were going to play at the playground, have some snacks in the sun, and let the kids burn some energy. Why did we need the fancy remote control toys?

Because they’re fun! I even said I might try to drive one next time, which even Archer was surprised to hear. They burned energy and we all had a lot of fun at the playground and after, when Brad and Archer got out their RC cars. We ventured into the forest near the school and explored the creeks, hills, roots and bushes with the cars. Those things are pretty cool! I got into it, encouraging Brad to take routes with his Land Rover Defender over rocks and fallen trees … and it was then, standing in the trees, mud on everyone and everything we own, that I realized I was happily living the #boymom life. Surprisingly, I enjoyed something entirely new to me! And I am excited for more new adventures these kids will bring to me in the future.

Adventures with Dad

To the Top

There's a risk in saying this, but I bet that my friends of girls have never had these experiences. Just as I have never had Brad dress up in an Elsa costume and I didn’t know about this popular book until my friend Emily told me about it. Though it should be noted that Maverick has a slight obsession over Elsa and the kids both fight over the teeny-tiny Elsa doll we have sometimes.

And that’s okay! It should be encouraged. Because even though we don’t dissuade our kids from things that capture their interest (with exception when it comes to Maverick and dangerous things, of course), their interests naturally pull in a different direction than the girls their respective ages. I really want to cultivate that for them and show them everything that life has to offer.

So, while I’m positive that certain family members cringed when they saw Archer’s painted nails, I’ll root right alongside anyone that wants them to wrestle, watch Pokémon and build expensive RCs with their dad. And paint their nails, too.

The same as I would if I had daughters.

I should also mention watching that Pew-Pew, k-chh show, together, too. (That, in case you’re confused, is what Maverick calls Storm Troopers and Darth Vader, respectively.)

#boymom for life,


*We can have the gender debate another time … I know that my kids can choose their gender as they grow, and we will support them no matter who they are or love.

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