May 2020

Welcome to the May 2020 Family Update!

Another twenty-nine days have gone by, another month, 95% of our time during those days spent at home, or within a stone’s throw. We have ventured to a couple of parks, Squint Lake Park on Mother’s Day, Old Orchard Park close by home when we needed to throw rocks, to name a couple.

With the changes that the province has been imparting, we, as a family, are still staying pretty close to home. We have made the choice not to send Archer back to school, nor Maverick to day care (it wasn’t really an option anyways). It’s what we believe will be best for our family and I’m sad to see that people are getting flack, whatever their choices for expanding their circles, getting back to reality. (Oh, there goes gravity … I can’t help myself!) I hope that everyone is doing okay doing the same old same, or in the transition back to an office or otherwise. What a crazy time!

We’re doing okay, day to day, hour by hour. But it’s been hard, as I know it has been for everyone, all in different ways.

Kids Dancing while Dad Mows Lawn

Apparently dad mowing the lawn is a rip-roaring good time. Headphones optional.


Just like the last update, it’s been difficult to remember what the heck we’ve been up to together, as a family, this past month. There have been many board and video games, forts, arts and crafts. More colouring than I know what to do with to be honest. But we’re in a pretty good groove, getting outside twice a day, more when the weather has permitted. Now that I look back on our month, I think it’s been awhile since we had a good old family movie night, with the curtains drawn and a few pounds of popcorn between the four of us. (Five if you count what Eddie eats off the floor when we’re all done.) Last family movie night, we watched Onward together, and before that it was Spies in Disguise. Both were pretty good, but Onward definitely brought on all of the feels.

Any suggestions for good family movies for us to take on next?


I guess technically, since we watched Onward sometime in April together, we did take on an old classic movie together with the kids. But Brad was making my Mother’s Day dinner at the same time, so we didn’t all enjoy it together—Mrs. Doubtfire! Ahhh it’s so fun watching these oldies with the kids. Maverick wasn’t really into it, but all in due time!

Speaking of Mother’s Day, if you love Greek food, specifically potatoes, you NEED to make this recipe. The prep work starts the day before, but they are 100% worth it!

Things have been wrapping up for me at school. I just submitted my last piece of writing for review by my class mates. I will be providing a small excerpt from my work for publishing as part of an anthology that the Writer’s Studio puts out every year. So that’s exciting! I’ll write more about that when the time comes (it will be published in October 2020.)

Community Garden May 28, 2020

An Updated Picture of My Garden! (May 28, 2020)


Pajama-Brad is still hard at work, cruising the ‘hood, working like crazy in his jammies. (Don’t hate me, Brad!) I’ll give it to him, though … a couple of Saturdays ago when he got into a bit of a confrontation on my behalf he was wearing pants. Sweatpants, but real pants nonetheless.

For more on that story, see this post.

Busy Brad has been working as hard as ever, especially this week. Long days, no breaks. He doesn’t usually take much of a lunch break when he’s at the office, but I don’t see that. What a guy!

PS: I’m happy my husband is a good sport.


As of today, Archer hasn’t lost any more teeth. Haha. But I swear he’s grown another foot—he’s going to be taller than me before we know it! I swear he grows inches overnight. It’s crazy!

Archer has been doing a great job at school, in my opinion. It’s been tough, I don’t think he likes it very much, but he’s doing great at the math assignments and especially loves the Lego challenges and physical activities. I’m not going to lie … I’m looking forward to summer break, when we can get out an enjoy the breaks when Maverick is napping instead of settling down for quiet school work. I’ll be able to focus more on editing Romi while Archer gets out to play, or digs into some activities that don’t require my assistance.

Kindergarten Lego Challenges

Kindergarten Lego Challenge - Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe

Kindergarten Lego Challenge - Space Vehicle

Space Vehicle

Kindergarten Lego Challenge - Bridge

Load-Bearing Bridge over a River

Kindergarten Lego Challenge - Marble Maze

Marble Maze

Kindergarten Lego Challenge - Boat



Mr. Maverick, what do we have to add to last month’s list of naughty things you’ve gotten up to?

Let’s see … he locked us out of the house following our lovely Mother’s Day dinner, which wouldn’t have been a problem if my drink was full. And if he hadn’t gone straight for the freezer where I had a stash of almond bark that just wouldn’t set. When he finally let us in, he was covered in chocolate. I don’t know how much he ate, I think I’m better off not knowing.

I don’t think there’s anything that can top this story, but I did have to order a new picture frame for the wedding picture I have of Brad and I that sits on our entertainment unit. One day while I was making dinner, Maverick decided that this frame, and one other, needed to be chucked across the room. The other faired okay, but the glass shattered in the frame, to Maverick’s “Uh oh, mama.”  [Insert face-palm emoji here.]

Stay tuned for more stories, this guy is apparently full of them.

Maverick Blazing his Own Trail

Carving his Own Path at the Bike Park

The end of May brings birthday week around our house, Archer first (how is my baby 6!?) with mine to follow. We haven’t decided too much yet, other than a Harry Potter scavenger hunt with HP-themed presents for Archer Bruce on his big day. Tell me, parents, how do you deal with kids that change their minds all the time? As of yesterday, Archer said he wanted a Star Wars birthday, and between now and earlier this month when I ordered the decorations and presents, he has changed his mind at least three times. I stuck to my guns and he’s getting a Harry Potter day. I’m excited about it, though not as excited as he is. He asks Siri every morning how many days until June 3 … I think he inherited the “excited birthday” gene from yours truly.

That’s about it for now, I hope you enjoyed the May 2020 Family Update!

Almost another year older,


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