Today, I wanted to share with you some of our favourite Christmas traditions. The things we do at this time of year truly make my heart happy, so here's a sneak peek into this special time of year.

I have always been big into counting things down. Vacations, Christmas and my birthday, to name a few. Now that we have kids, we have several methods for counting down to Santa, including a mouse-advent calendar that hung in my parents’ house growing up. A few years ago, my mom gave it to me and we hang it every year starting on December 1 to count down the days until Christmas Eve. This year, I bought some chocolates to put in every day for the kids to have instead of a store-bought advent calendar. Let me tell you, it has been such a hit! We also have a countdown that sits on the mantle, but I’ll be honest. It said 20 days at the 15-day mark ... I always forget to update it!

Christmas Decorations Mouse Advent Calendar

Mouse Countdown/Advent Calendar

Something that we really enjoy doing together as a family every year, besides decorating our house, is going to look at Christmas lights. The last few years they have put on a display of festive lights at Lafarge Lake in Coquitlam over the holidays, and we have gone to see them every year so far!

We went for a drive after touring the lights at Lafarge this year and found a couple of houses in Coquitlam that are beautifully decorated for the season. There was even one that had a light show timed to music (see picture below)! When we got home, we made hot chocolate (with a little Baileys for me and Brad) to have together as a family.

There are so many more holiday events around the lower mainland, you really can’t go wrong in choosing where to go and what to see. There are two more on our list this year, though with how fast time is flying by, we might only be able to fit one more in. I’d like to make it to see the Canyon Lights at the Capilano Suspension Bridge, but I think we will likely go downtown to the Vancouver Christmas Market and to see the big tree in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery. As long as the weather cooperates, anyways!

Christmas Lights at Lafarge Lake, Coquitlam

Lights at Lafarge Lake, Coquitlam

Christmas Lights Coquitlam, BC

Musical Light Show at 1422 Smith Avenue in Coquitlam

We are headed up north to Prince George and Vanderhoof this year for Christmas and plan to take the kids down Candy Cane Lane and show them how Christmas lights are really done. Candy Cane Lane, for those that don’t know, is a whole neighbourhood in PG that lights up its houses with Christmas light displays. I have yet to find anything like it near home!

Christmas and its traditions are ever-changing, but there is one theme that I’d like our kids to grow up with most of all.


In whatever we’re doing, whether it be our favourite Christmas Traditions or otherwise, may we be together. Because that’s what really matters.

Grinch Quote about Christmas

Feeling humble,


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Christmas Decorations in Home

Festive Decorations, New and Old

Christmas Decorations at Home - Elf on A Shelf

Our New Tradition - Elf on a Shelf (or a Light Fixture, if we're getting technical)

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