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This presence and persona that I’ve created for myself has been evolving, even if it is only by a small margin. I’m proud, and I’m happy to be able to share.

I am getting into the groove with school and thought I could turn to my readers (you may be few, but you are amazing!) to ask some advice.

By November 5, I have to turn in up to 12 pages double spaced of writing from my Romi Series. The question is, which 12 pages do I go with? My book is not complete, the ending is not written. But I have had the opening scene in my head for a long time (as it’s based on my own experiences having too much to drink at a team lunch, early on in my career as a paralegal) and I’m thinking that’s the one to share.

I am also thinking that after I submit my pages, and gain feedback from my fellow writers and mentor, I will share them in a blog post for you to read.

So, I want to hear from you in the comments below. Should I turn in the opening scene to my book for my peers to review? Or should I pick a scene further in? One that relates to Romi’s job, her family, her dating life? Let me know!

Smiling Woman at Vancouver Whitecaps Game

At the Last Whitecaps Match of the 2019 Season

A good mentor is a mirror that makes you see your reflection differently so you can grow.

- Jack A. Ori, MSW

The opening scene as it is right now might not even stay as the opening scene of my book. That’s the beauty of writing. I’m quite surprised that I haven’t had too much of an issue with this aspect of it all. Instead, I find that I am able to write as it comes and accept that pieces may or may not make the final cut. I’ve been able to compartmentalize the different parts of the journey in writing as Anya Wyers Author, and I am proud of myself for that. No need to worry what will or will not be in the final book, just focus on the here and now and let the first draft be its own mess of beautiful writing.

Because, yes, I am going out on a limb again to say that I believe I am writing something beautiful. And maybe that’s a bizarre word to choose to describe my work, but to me, it will always be a beautiful thing. I’ve taken words from nothing and created a story to call my own. To put together a book-with other people’s help, of course-with a cover and a title. A spine that will last through time. Creating something tangible that will always be mine is a very beautiful thing.

View of Port Moody from Easthill Trail

Morning Walks

Something that stood out to my peers in a synopsis I wrote about the Romi Series was the element of humour. And while I anticipated that would be part of the story, I didn’t realize just how much it would stand out. I am excited to think that the words I put together from scratch can make readers laugh. It's a feeling that I never expected, and with that realization, I uncover personal growth. Anya Wyers Author. Here to stay.

There have certainly been experiences I’ve had working in law firms that are too funny to be made up. I am so excited to bring them out to share.

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