Camping Site with Tent Trailer - Manning Park

Camping in the Lower Mainland - Or close. Our Set Up at Manning Park (2016)

I was recently asked what we "do" while camping. We camp. No explanation necessary!

Since we live in Port Moody, we have had to get used to the idea of camping in the lower mainland.

Which means reserving camping spots months in advance. Like four months.

It’s actually rather ridiculous.

We used to go camping a lot when I was growing up, it is one of my fondest memories! At that time, I’m pretty positive that there was never such a thing as reserving a camping spot. Though even when my parents go camping now near PG they go a few days ahead of a long weekend to secure a spot.

I guess it’s just the world we live in! Camping is popular and you must plan in advance if you want to go over a weekend!

Jayco Tent Trailer (Closed)

All hooked up to the van and ready to go!

Queen Bed in Jayco Tent Trailer

Our Queen Bed

View of Green Lake from Tent Trailer

Our view of Green Lake, on our inaugural camping trip (2015)

Double Bed in Jayco Tent Trailer

This was back when we just had Archer - his sleeping bag is set up on the double bed. Another bed sets up below, which is where Archer slept the last time we went out.

Dog Resting while Camping at Manning Park

Camping really tires this guy out.

We usually go camping every year for Archer’s birthday, this being the last as he is starting school in September. So I thought it was great timing to take you on a tour of how we roll when we camp!

We are by no means roughing it, but I wouldn’t consider us glampers either.

Our second-hand tent trailer has been with us since 2015. It has only been used a handful of times each year since we’ve had it, but it’s a lovely little set up for us! We’ve stream-lined organizing into Rubbermaid containers since there’s not a lot of storage inside the trailer. And we keep a lot of stuff in the van while we are camping.

This year so far, we have gone camping for Archer’s 5th birthday, which was a great success! We went out to Golden Ears Provincial Park, which is one of the closest options for us. My limit for camping is three nights, so we headed out on Saturday and came home Tuesday. By the time three nights has passed, we’re all in need of a shower/bath/personal space.

Manning Park - Woman on Hike with Dog

Happiness is camping.

Personally, Brad and I prefer our propane fire pit over a traditional campfire. We spent a lot of time hanging out around the fire, playing with the kids in a nearby field and just exploring the beauty of nature around us.

The kids are usually completely tuckered out by bed time, though it can mean early mornings when only canvas separates you from a 5:00 am sunrise. They did pretty well this time around, with only one out of three nights being rather rough. But we’re also big believers in naps for everyone while camping, so it was all good!

Trees in Manning Park

Manning Park (2016)

Next up this summer we will be heading to Green Lake, which is closer to PG, to meet some friends for the August long weekend. Then back to Golden Ears for the September long weekend!

I’m hoping to get out at least once more than that and am thinking about venturing out with the kids while Brad is working. Wish me luck if I end up doing that!

I’m so happy that we’ve found a way to incorporate camping in the lower mainland into our adventures. With many more wonderful times to come.

A camper at heart,


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