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I went to an event through the Self Publishing Agency last night where I learned about how to market my book. I’ve known for a while that a big part of this is knowing and marketing myself, but I really realized last night that I want people to get to know me.

I want the biggest part of my journey (for lack of a less-cheesy term) as a writer to be for people to get to know me through my writing. Including through my fiction!

The main reason why it clicked for me that I am the face of my writing is that I saw a few ladies that I have been following on social media at this marketing event. I was excited to recognize them right away!

Why did it take me so long to realize that I am the face of my writing?

To be honest, I wouldn’t mind if that was me some day. Having people come up to me, just to start a conversation. If they wanted to talk about my writing, my book or blog, even better! I’ve felt for a long time that I wish there was more kindness in the world. In my world. And by opening myself a little bit more and putting myself out there, I welcome people in.

So this is a start!

I grabbed a few Instagram Templates and answered as honestly as possible. I’m a rebel … things are not black and white. (Other than the photo at the top of this page – the lovely Jodi Kaldestad took that pic, which she dubbed my album cover.)

Most of the answers for this one were easy.

While I love the soft crunch of the leaves beneath my feet in autumn and the brilliant colours that invite us into the penultimate season of the year, nothing beats spring to me. It gives us a taste of the summer ahead. The tulips add colour to the green grass enriched by the rain. Speaking of the rain, by this time of year, rainy days are less and less frequent.

Fun fact: I have never liked the feel of silk. Call me crazy. Lace, it is.

If I have the choice, I'd rather text. It's fun! I prefer talking in person, over a cup of coffee or tea, or while walking or hiking.

The sun makes me happy. It always has. Confession: Sometimes I fake how exciting the moon is when Archer points it out. Okay, he's not up and out of the house during moonlight a lot. But, really, it's just a big light in the sky to me.


Polka dots are spots, right?

Online shopping became a thing for me when I was on maternity leave with Archer. Great timing ... go on EI and then develop a shopping habit!

Red wine. That's not even a question!

This one was tough - I love chocolate, but I love the scent of vanilla and vanilla-flavoured things more. The only thing that should be chocolate is chocolate itself. But I love vanilla candles, lotion, milkshakes, ice cream. You name it!

On the heels of the last answer, I much prefer sweets to anything savoury.

I had a banana after breakfast today. So exciting, I bet you can't stand it!

Brad and I watched Aquaman the other night. It was good, I like Jason Mamoa. To be honest, I spent a lot of time making fun of it, which I am sure Brad really appreciated! It was not my most favourite super hero movie.

The last friend I spoke out loud to (not including texts) was my friend Emily. She teaches yoga at our community rec centre on Monday nights. We chatted a bit after class this past Monday.

We last visited the Dominican Republic back in March.

One of my current favourite songs is Courage by Pink. It has resonated with me on another level. I am loving her entire new album, but especially this song.

I joined a book club! The first book I am reading for my book club is called The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. I'm not finished, but I am enjoying it very much. Now just to finish before next Saturday, my first book club meeting! Gathering? Party? Maybe I should figure that out.

This or That!

The choice between coffee and tea is almost like choosing my favourite child. Sure, I have one, but whyyyyy do I have to tell you which one I prefer? (Totally kidding about the favourite child thing...I love my children both endlessly!) I chose tea because I spent years only drinking tea and have amassed quite the collection. Also, I had tea today instead of coffee.

Beach. No explanation necessary there.

Dogs! See above.

I do enjoy a nice night out (I've been waiting for Brad to plan us a date night pretty much all year), but staying in is just so much more appealing! A night in is just a lot less effort! Plus, it's much cheaper to put the kids in bed and just stay home.

I'm a flats girl. I donated all of my heels a couple of years ago when I realized I hadn't worn any of them in ages.

MAC! All the way.

This one was difficult. I always thought I was an extrovert, but then I realized that I am much more of an introvert.

My favourite season is summer!

Iphone. Mac. Ipad. I everything.

The crack of dawn is not my thing. Sunsets all the way.

There you have it! If you ever have any questions about me, please ask! I am an open book from here on out! Starting May 15. 🙂

Sorry not sorry for the puns,


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