The end of February this year marked the five-year anniversary of the beginning of our life in Port Moody.

I never would have thought that I would have created a life in the tri-cities, nor that I would be happy here. To be honest, I never used to know much about the area when I lived on the north shore and worked downtown Vancouver.

You can read more about our home here, but I never would have imagined that I’d be happy with my family living in a three-story, three-bedroom townhouse either.

And, yet, here I am.

So happy.

My bubble is quite small. I work from home, the kids’ day care is in Port Moody and when Archer starts school in September, that will be just up the hill in Port Moody as well. Our grocery store, pharmacy, liquor store and favourite take-out restaurants are all nearby. We just had Indian Foodlast night, in fact. I’m really looking forward to lunch today!

I really have no reason to venture far. There are parks and trails and places to take the dog to swim in the ocean or climb in the mountains, all within our city.

Had I taken the time to educate myself about the area before I really knew anything about it, I would have seen the beauty that I had simply ignored.

There’s so much more to a home than a double garage and massive yard. We truly have more than we need—check outthe blogger known as 5 kids 1 condo— but surprisingly hear from people close to us that we can’t possibly be happy in a house with one tv, a small back yard and only a tandem double carport.

But we are happy. And thriving.

Sunflower at the Rocky Point Spray Park

I remember being asked in elementary school to draw a picture of what happiness is. I drew our family's motorhome.

Learning to ride along the trails at Rocky Point.


Action shot. Rocky Point.

Sense a theme with my pics? I follow a lot and I love the view.

Brad "the pack mule" hiking up in Westwood Plateau, among the power lines. Our favourite spot to take Eddie.

There’s a fine line I felt when I started writing about our happiness. I’m not trying to prove to anyone that we’re happy. Most certainly, not myself.

But putting it into words on paper doesn’t do any justice. Happiness is more something that I feel and witness when I watch the kids.

We really have done something right when we see the smiles on our kids’ faces at the beginning and end to every day.

My biggest goal in life is to find the balance that will keep those smiles on all of our faces forever. Whether we continue our life in Port Moody or somewhere else. (Don’t get any ideas here, I’m just saying.)

I know that everything in between sunrise and sunset will include tantrums, tears and challenges, but as long as we can lay together at the end of every day, content and thankful, I really cannot ask for more.

Feeling humble and reflective,


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