I thought it was cute that the locals kept saying "Punta Canada" when we told them where we were from!

Our* Winter Vacation

*Much Needed!

As you’ll see in my most recent travel blog post, Brad and I took the kids to the Domincan Republic for a family trip to celebrate my cousin’s 40thbirthday.

We got back home late last night after a long day of travel. It took just over 16 hours from the time we left our resort in Punta Cana before we pulled into our driveway at home. It was a long day, but we were thankful to spend the night in our own beds!

Overall, our trip was a lot of fun! We got into a good routine of breakfast at the buffet followed by a day spent by the pool, with a mix of drinks, naps and lunch thrown in there somewhere.

The Domincan Republic was a little far for us to go to get somewhere warm and sunny. We’re so glad that we went to celebrate the occasion, but next time we’re looking for a quick winter getaway, we’ll likely go somewhere in the same time zone that we can get to via direct flight. Travel these days looks different for us, with both Brad and myself preferring to take an all-inclusive vacation, so we didn’t get to see too much of the country. The beach and the Caribbean Sea were gorgeous, so I’m sure we’ll go back to visit one day when the kids are older!

Family of Four on Waterslide

In this moment, we were being told by the lifeguard that adults weren't allowed to go down the slide. 🙁  Still makes a cute pic though!

View of Beach through Palm Trees in Dominican Republic

The loveliest beach my toes have ever experienced.

Pool Foam Party with Family in Dominican Republic

We all had a blast at our first foam party!

View of Beach from Restaurant in Dominican Republic

Views from lunch with my love.

The travel itself went as well as can be expected. The trip there was much smoother, it having happened mostly overnight. We had endless snacks and kept the kids as happy as possible, which didn’t happen quite so easily yesterday! All Maverick wanted to do was run around, but the first flight had a lot of turbulence so we had to hold him in our laps. I’m positive that the lady and her teenage daughter that were seated in front of us thought we were making him cry on purpose given the dirty looks I got, but there was one lady that assured me that we’ve all been there and made me feel much better about my crying kid.

Sometimes all it takes is a random stranger's kindness to make you feel a lot better about the fact that you have poop on your clothes.

On the final leg of our journey, Maverick slept on Brad in our baby carrier…but only while Brad was standing up! So every time the captain turned on that seatbelt sign, Mr. Maverick woke up, ready to party! There were less tears on that flight so we really can’t complain. We all made it home safe and sound. And not ready to get back to reality just yet.

I’m happy to have Brad home with us on vacation until Monday while we adjust back to local time. Now to dream up some more blog post ideas!

I promise a book update is coming soon!

Ready for a nap,


Mom and Adult Daughter on Beach in Dominican Republic

Me and my mama

Pool at Resort in Dominican Republic at Night

View of the pool at night. Photo by Archer.

Initials in Heart written in Sand in Dominican Republic

Our walk along the beach took a cheesy turn.

Mom and Kids on Waterslide Platform

The kids' pool and waterslides!

Mom and Toddler Snuggle on Airplane

Soaking in the sleepy snuggles while he's still small enough to sit in my lap.

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