Time for a book update!

As far as details on my blog are concerned, readers that have gone back to visit old posts will know that I have written my memoir.

Things with my book are moving along at a wonderful pace, so thought it was time to share an update!

Several of my closest friends (who are, of course, fellow book lovers) are reading the final draft of my book to provide me with some feedback. I am currently waiting for them all to get back to me (more on my feelings about that later) before we finalize the book for real and move forward with preparations for printing before publishing.

I have started to work with a book designer, Laura at Visualaura Studios, whom I was lucky enough to meet through Megan at The Self Publishing Agency and who will be helping me design the cover and lay out for my book.

Tall Tree on Sunny Day in Burnaby

In the early stages of writing my book, after I decided that I was definitely going to publish my story, I had thought that my book cover would include a picture of the mountains. Because duh. Look at the title (though this was before I had a definitive title).

Then somewhere along the way I realized that this was my story. Not anyone else’s.

If I'm being honest, I’m not particularly a mountain person. And let’s be real; we judge books by their covers. The cover of my very first book is my opportunity to put my stamp on not only the great and wonderful world of literature, but also on myself as an author. Who knows...maybe a mountain will end up being in the background! If it does, I want it to happen organically. Not because the mountains were one of Rachael's great loves.

No pressure, but I definitely needed someone to help me design my book cover. Someone creative that knows what they’re doing! Because as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t really know what I’m doing.

Circling back around to the fact that my book is very close to being in the final form in which it will appear on paper, I thought it was a great time to share a small excerpt from my book.

So here, we have the foreword, which is just a little teaser of how I chose to set up my book, Letters to the Mountain (and, yes, I realize that there is a mountain in the background):

We are on track for our May 15 launch date and I couldn’t be more excited!

Go ahead and judge that book by its cover, but always remember that there’s a human behind the words.

Til next time,


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