I think it’s safe to say that Summer 2020 will look a lot different than we would have anticipated at the start of this year. While we are usually ones to camp as often as we can over the summer months, this year we’re taking a pass. Our first set of reservations for Canada Day were cancelled for us and we’re taking it as a sign. Camping with a crazy kid that needs constant supervision and doesn’t like sleeping away from home does not sound like a relaxing time to me. I’m hoping we can come up with a couple of alternatives so that we’re not just stuck at home all summer!

Stanley Park by Luc Tribolet on Unsplash

Photo by Luc Tribolet on Unsplash

A few things that I’m looking forward to trying to fit into our summer, social-distancing style:

Local Road Trip

Hopping in our car and getting away to anywhere that’s not here sounds pretty enticing at the moment! We’re quickly approaching 100 days of being at home—should we have a school-style 100-day celebration for that??—and while I love our home, I want to go somewhere! And anywhere will do. I’m thinking possibly the Okanagan, Harrison Hot Springs, or even the other direction to Whistler for a night. Apparently, they’re having a sale on two or more nights at the Fairmont that I might have to look into.

The Beach

First, the weather will have to warm up. So get on that Mother Nature, will ya?

We’re still a week away from official summer, but I was really hoping the lovely sunny weather that we saw in early May would have returned by now! One of our family favourites is a bit of a jaunt—White Rock beach—but we also discovered a closer option on a meandering drive through Port Moody near the beginning of the stay at home orders. I won’t spoil where it is, but it was a nice, quiet public beach where the kids could throw rocks into the ocean, one of their favourite past times.


We got a picnic set for Christmas awhile ago that I’m ashamed to admit we haven’t used! It’s a backpack with utensils that we can likely incorporate it into one of our adventures to the beach or a road trip. Though I know that it will not be a relaxing picnic experience unless we figure out how to tie Maverick down somehow.

I’m not even joking.

Do they make these types of anchors for kids? That would obviously work if we had a harness for him. [JUST KIDDING]


My biggest pet peeve about this stage in our toddler’s life is his inability to listen. I may have joked about leashing him to an anchor, but I am serious about using the kids’ backpack with a leash to take him out on some hikes this summer. Failing that, Brad and I can always take Archer and Eddie out and leave the other parent home with Maverick. I am most definitely not opposed to that.

A few local hikes that we enjoy:

Shoreline Trail: Leads from Rocky Point around to Old Orchard Park

Westhill Park: We can get to this one from our own backyard, but I don’t go often since it’s also an off leash dog park and Eddie doesn’t do too well with dogs any more.

Crystal Falls: I did this one alone a few years back with Eddie and am thinking it might be time to try it again with the kids, or at least Archer.

Hydro Lines: There are some quiet trails up Heritage Mountain that we like to take Eddie where we are comfortable letting him off leash. One of our seasonal favourites, where we will definitely go back to this year!

Alone Time

Is that even a thing anymore? Sure, I had school and writing nights/time on the weekends. However, I know it’s not the same as getting out of the house to do something other than run errands! It used to look like dinner with friends, a movie or sitting in a coffee shop alone to write. I think it’s overdue time for me to figure out one of those to do again!

With the official start of Summer 2020 fast-approaching, tell me, what are your plans for the summer? Mostly unchanged? Staying close to home? Thinking of trying out something new?

Summer Flowers by Niklas Veenhuis on Unsplash

Photo by Niklas Veenhuis on Unsplash

Here’s to the sun-shiny weather, cold drinks and lots of fun outdoors this summer.



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