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Tomorrow will be the first match of the Vancouver Whitecaps’ ninth season playing Major League Soccer and I am SO excited!!

It will be our third year as season ticket holders and only the second year holding two passes for the entire season.

We bought Archer his own seat last year, but since our babysitter is so much fun, he opted to stay home with her (and the baby) while Brad I went to the matches.

Sometimes it’s hard not to take it personally when your kids choose hanging out with someone else versus hanging out with you. It's just the beginning of his not wanting to hang out with his parents, I guess! Whenever there was an afternoon game, we took the whole family, but we got to have a date night for every other match.

Which wasn’t a bad thing at all!

Whitecaps Chant Banner
Couple at Whitecaps Inaugural MLS Match

Who were these babies, way back at the 'Caps' inaugural MLS match in 2011!?

Couple Meet Whitecaps Defender Post-Soccer Match

In 2018 we met defender Sean Franklin (who is no longer with the team).

Family on Field at BC Place After Soccer Match

For Father's Day 2017 we got to visit the pitch after the match.

Couple Pitch-Side at Whitecaps Game

Date Night! And free toques!

This year we decided to go back to having only two season tickets and have purchased tickets separately to the afternoon matches so that the kids can come.

Of course, when we got our ‘Caps Cards and lanyards in the mail, the first words out of Archer’s mouth were “where is my ticket?”

Ahhhhhhhhh, children!

Good thing we still have his ‘Caps card from last year so that he can wear it to the match and promptly take it off as soon as we get to BC Place because he doesn’t want to have it any more.

Both Brad and I are hopeful that both of our kids will learn to love the Whitecaps and the game of soccer, and we have dreams of going to the matches together as a family and cheering our boys on!

The team has made a lot of changes since the end of last season, including a new head coach and at least 14 new players.

BC Place Stadium with Roof Open

The open roof at BC Place.

As a true Whitecaps fan, I have hope for this season! I don’t have delusions that we will be raising the MLS cup over our heads by the end of the year, but I do have hope that we will build and grow as a team and start kicking ass again!

Go ‘Caps!

Cheering from Section 209,


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