Let's Travel the World!

We decided to take our first big trip as a completed family of four when Maverick was only four months old. There wasn't a more fitting place for us to visit than…MEXICO!

Since Puerto Vallarta holds a very dear place in our hearts, it was the obvious choice. But Brad and I decided to branch out and see the world a little and ended up booking a week’s stay at an all-inclusive resort in Los Cabos!

Now, I never stayed at an all-inclusive resort until I was 24 years old, which might not seem too old, but I travelled to Mexico quite often with my parents while growing up and had never stayed at one! To be honest, after that first time I was hooked! What says vacation more than not having to worry about where your next meal or beverage is going to come from!?

At four months post-partum, I was more than ready to have someone else cook and clean for me for a week!

Brad and I were able to really disconnect for the entire week we were away. But that also means that we did not take a lot of pictures! We were too busy playing with the kids, eating, swimming and sleeping! We all napped every day and Brad and I were in bed with Archer by 8:00 every night. It was amazing.

Our adventures only took us off the resort one day. We visited downtown Cabo San Lucas and hired a glass-bottomed boat to take us out to see El Arco, the arch in the rock at the tip of the Baja peninsula.  Our captain stopped the boat so that we could see through the rock straight to the Pacific Ocean from our spot on the Sea of Cortez! It was pretty cool. It was both kids’ first time on this type of boat, and Archer was fascinated with the fish we could see in the corals through the bottom of our boat!

The one day we actually did something to commemorate, leave it to us to forget our phones and camera at the resort! Thankfully we had made a trip to Wal Mart and purchased a disposable camera! That just means that we don’t have the pictures in electronic format, so I can’t share!

We did manage to take a few pictures of our trip back at the resort:

View of Beach through Palm Trees in Los Cabos, Mexico

View from our balcony.

Kid Playing with Toys on Balcony

Archer, driving his car. Love this kid and his imagination!

Kid Playing in Sand at Beach in Mexico

Sandy, beach fun.

Family of Four from Behind Sitting on Beach in Sand

Brad and I are so happy to have been able to take the kids to Mexico and hope that we can do it again soon. Especially with all this crazy weather, and the forecast of more snow tonight!

Craving fun in the sun,


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