Happy Canada Day!

I sat down to write my post today about how our most recent home remodel went from nursery to office, when I realized that it’s Canada Day! We Canadians are celebrating the 153rd year since the confederation of Canada as a country, with various provinces and territories added since. The holiday falls on a Wednesday this year, so it’s not surprising that it kind of slipped my mind. It will likely be like any other day, with a few red shirts and celebrations thrown into the mix. Here’s to hoping the rain stays away. There might not be fireworks and food trucks at the park, but we’re going to do our best to celebrate our country!

Now, onto my new office.

When Brad started working from home due to Covid, I lost my desk. Not that I have much time to write these days anyways, since I’m on mom duty 99.9% of the time. But, still. I had no place to write or work while Maverick naps, though taking the laptop to the couch works in a pinch juuuuuust fine.

Pretty much ever since Maverick was born, Archer has been talking about getting bunkbeds, so a few weeks ago we bit the bullet and stuck Maverick’s crib in Archer’s room, just to see how they would manage as roomies. I’m happy to report that it’s worked out quite well. So well, in fact, that we seized the opportunity and moved all of Maverick’s stuff—minus the diapers and diaper genie, but hopefully he’ll only need those for a few more months—into Archer’s room and took over the old nursery.

We moved up one of the bookshelves we had downstairs in the old office/playroom into my new office, so now I also have a spot to craft! Brad put together the desk and set up the computer on Saturday and I just finished the final touches of the décor. I am super excited about the space and wanted to share!

Anya Wyers Author Office - Desk from Door
Anya Wyers Author Office - Closet Area
Anya Wyers Author Office - Gallery Wall Up Close

There are little touches of Rachael, everywhere in the room. From a small painting she got me as a gift when her family visited Cuba, to a painting she had done years ago that I received a print copy of and put in a frame, I feel the love of my best friend in my new office. A special copy of Letters to the Mountain is on display behind me as I type, too. It’s special for so many reasons, I am happy to have those words, my accomplishment, close by.

I have several picture frames that mostly host some prints from Ikea—like this one, “go where you feel the most alive”—to add a little personalization. I also have my most prized scrapbook that I’ve made of our trip to Ireland in 2010 on display with my “to read” stack of books, that has rather gotten out of hand, no? (Correct answer is no, the to-be-read pile can never be too big!) I tried to do sort of a collage-wall (very technical term, don’t try to look it up) and included my nametag from Mom Camp last fall. (Post-edit: Gallery Wall. I've now remembered that it is called a Gallery Wall.)

Anya Wyers Author Office - Inspirational Phrase
Anya Wyers Author Office - Supply Corner

I have a small lightbox that I like to put inspirational or seasonal sayings into, but if you look closely, you’ll see that someone else may have gotten a hold of it and added the names of a few guys close to my heart. Archer. Maverick Eddie. Chosen by Archer. <3

We don’t need to see what’s in the closet (diapers, boxes of kids’ clothes, more scrapbooking and painting stuff), but that’s about it! From nursery to office, I am thrilled with this space to call my own. Living with a boy kinda puts a hamper on that, I’m so glad that we were able to make this space (mostly) just for me.

Done anything special for yourself lately?

Prioritize yourself,


Before and After
Anya Wyers Author Office - View from Door Before and After

View from the Door

Anya Wyers Author Office - Desk Area Before and After

Desk Area

Anya Wyers Author Office - Gallery Wall Corner Before and After

Gallery Wall and Storage Corner


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