What is regret?

A feeling?

A state of being? Something that we all carry, even though we probably shouldn’t?

Regret: To be very sorry for

If that doesn’t open a can of worms, I don’t know what will!

I have mentioned previously that I try to live my life with few regrets. Looking back on it, I’m glad that I phrased it that way. Based on the definition above, I don’t think it’s a good thing to live life with zero regrets.

I am sorry for some of the things that I’ve done that have hurt people. For what I’ve contributed to the end of friendships. Things that I could have done better, said out loud or fixed.

I think the key is to not dwell on the things that you cannot change. Be regretful, yes. But instead of carrying regret as a burden, use it to do better next time.

I want to teach my kids that it’s not only okay to be sorry for past actions, it’s an emotion that we all need to learn how to handle. That the best way to move forward from things you’re sorry about is with your chin held high and the shadow of your past actions trailing behind, not leading the way.

Barnet Marine Park - Driftwood at Beach at Ocean

Barnet Marine Park

I choose to view my regrets as life lessons and like to think that I have learned a lot of lessons instead of carrying a lot of regrets.

A wise friend recently told me that she wonders what the stories behind my blog posts are. Why am I writing about regret? Why was I writing that friendships are hard?

Is it cryptic to talk about my feelings and the thoughts that they evoke without digging into the details and the reasons behind my words?

MAN, I am asking a lot of questions today!

I don’t think the details matter. I am writing a blog to practice my writing skills, after all. And there are always so many other people involved in the reasons behind the writing, I’d just be writing a “she said” all the time and not focusing on what I have to say about it.

Ripple in Buntzen Lake

I know what happiness is ... but what is regret?

I’ve always thought of regret as being something to shy away from. To be ashamed of. I never stopped to think that it has its place, just like everything.

If you’re happy all the time, you’re only fooling yourself.

Before you go today, ask yourself this: What is regret? And how can it make my life better, instead of adding to the weight of what I carry.

Think positive instead,


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